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Cycling and walking improvements in Surrey

The Travel SMART team has made a series of improvements to the walking and cycling environment in and around the towns of Guildford, Woking, Redhill and Reigate. The project – paid for entirely by a successful bid to the Department for Transport's Local Sustainable Transport Fund – has funded a wide variety of improvements designed to make walking and cycling easier, safer and more pleasant. The improvements are aimed at encouraging people to walk or cycle more, increasing their fitness and boosting the local economy by reducing traffic congestion.

Improvements include:

  • Resurfacing and upgrading alleyways to make them more pleasant for pedestrians.
  • Developing new and upgrading existing shared footways designed for both cyclist and pedestrian use. 
  • Installing new and upgrading existing pedestrian and cycle friendly signalised crossings which make it easier and safer for people to cross roads as well as linking up cycle networks.
  • Improving signage for cyclists and pedestrians to make it easier to navigate around the Travel SMART towns.
    Extending and resurfacing the Surrey stretches of the National Cycle network, for example the Christmas Pie cycle route in Guildford and National Cycle Route 21 in Redhill.
  • A major upgrade to Redhill town centre, including widening of pedestrian areas, increased pedestrian signage, re-routing of traffic into a two way system to improve traffic flow, new signalised crossings and upgrades to pedestrian facilities within the town centre.

Use the PDF maps below to find out whether improvements to the walking and cycling environment near you have taken place:




West Byfleet

Please note that some of the improvements displayed on the maps are currently due for completion in March 2016 so may not be currently present. Please contact us if you require further information.