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Pedestrian signs

Our new map-based pedestrian wayfinding signs have been installed in the town centres of Guildford, Redhill and Woking.

The network of signs is designed to make it easier for pedestrians to navigate and explore the town centres. The maps appear on the majority of the new town centre signs, helping users to establish a clearer picture of how the town is laid out and what attractions are on offer. The signs also clarify approximate walking times between destinations, encouraging users to walk rather than drive. Local trade will benefit from the signs as new visitors are encouraged to explore more of the towns by foot.

In each town you'll find a number of different types of sign: 

Surrey wayfinding signs 

     Wider totems                  Navigation totems                     Information Boards

Each town uses a different accent material, expressing a local look and feel whilst remaining recognisably part of the Surrey family. The individual accent materials for each town are displayed on the totems below. You can see the red coloured accent material on the Guildford sign (left), which is made of concrete. Redhill opted for stainless steel as their unique accent material (centre), whilst Woking has chosen anodised aluminium (right).

Guildford Wayfinding signRedhill Wayfinding sign Woking wayfinding sign