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How can Travel SMART help your business?

Interested in boosting your company's CSR credentials, reducing business costs and having a healthier, fitter workforce? 

Even if your organisation does not have an official 'staff travel plan' there are still plenty of reasons to encourage your employees to swap their cars for more sustainable methods of transport instead:

  • Reduced on-site parking pressure
  • Increased levels of physical activity leading to a happier and healthier workforce with more energy resulting in higher levels of productivity and lower levels of absenteeism
  • Choosing public transport gives staff more time to relax by not being stuck in traffic, reducing  stress levels
  • Staff will have more money in their pockets if they choose alternative transport modes
  • Providing incentives such as bike and season ticket loans shows that you care about your employees and helps with retention and recruitment

The Travel SMART team can help by providing guidance on how to engage with your staff and we can even provide a supply of free materials to get your started (while stocks last).   

Our services include:

  • Staff travel surveys - we offer advice on creating your survey plus a free postcode plot and guidance on policies for those living within 5 miles.
  • A set of free town guides and Surrey cycle maps.
  • A break down of which employee incentives most closely match the needs of your staff and your office location.   
  • Liftsharing - we can help you get started on the Surrey Liftshare network and give your staff a demonstration.
  • Guidance on installing electric vehicle charging points and connecting them to the Surrey network.
  • We can also provide advice on the installation of cycle parking facilities.

This offer is available for any organisation with over 10 employees based in Surrey and is for a limited time only so contact the Travel SMART team now for more information!

  • Updated: 28 Apr 2017