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How can Travel SMART help your business?

Road show displayInterested in boosting your company's CSR credentials, reducing business costs and having a healthier, fitter workforce? 

If your organisation has an office in Surrey and has at least 100 employees, the Travel SMART team is here to help you address staff travel issues and deliver your travel plan and environmental commitments. 

Improved offer for 2016/17

Our unique and innovative programme aims to help organisations address parking issues and reduce local congestion by encouraging employees to swap their cars for more sustainable methods of transport instead. 

We do this by engaging directly with your staff at roadshow-style events using the latest route planning techniques, competitions and promotions.  We can also provide advice on the installation of cycle parking facilities. Other services include:

  • Free town guides and cycle maps for your staff. 
  • Staff travel surveys - we offer help and advice on creating your survey plus a free postcode plot and route analysis for those living within 5 miles.    
  • Liftsharing - we can help you get started on the Surrey Liftshare network and give your staff a demonstration.
  • Guidance on installing electric vehicle charging points and connecting them to the Surrey network.
  • Reduced membership rates on the Brompton bike hire network. 
  • We can arrange Eco driver training for those staff who do business miles saving you money.

 How can this help your business?

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced losses due to travel delays
  • Increased health and wellbeing of your employees means fewer sickness absences and higher retention
  • Positive reputation as an employer who provides an attractive workplace
  • Reduced pressure on parking facilities

 How can this help your employees?

  • Reduced stress levels
  • More time to relax after work by not being stuck in traffic
  • Happier and healthier with more energy
  • Higher work satisfaction through employer well-being offers
  • More money in their pockets if they choose alternative transport modes

This offer is available for any organisation with over 100 employees based in Surrey and is for a limited time only so contact the Travel SMART team now for more information!

  • Updated: 29 Mar 2017