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Surrey Cycling Strategy

The County Council has developed the Surrey Cycling Strategy to support the development of cycling as a means of transport and to secure economic, health and environmental benefits for Surrey.  The Strategy also sets out plans to address the increase in cycle casualty rates and the local impacts of the increase in sports cycling and cycling events.

The Strategy’s aim is to get more people in Surrey cycling, more safely and it has a series of objectives to support the achievement of this aim:

O1: Surrey County Council and its partners will work together to deliver improvements for cycling.

O2: Surrey Local Committees will oversee development of Local Cycling Plans that reflect local priorities and issues.

O3: We will develop a comprehensive training offer and ensure that cost is not a barrier to learning to ride a bike.

O4: We will work with partners to ensure that Surrey’s economy benefits from more people cycling for every day journeys and from Surrey’s role as a centre for cycling.

O5: We will seek funding to improve infrastructure to make cycling a safe, attractive and convenient mode of transport for people of all ages and levels of confidence.

O6: We will encourage cycling as an inclusive, healthy and affordable means of travel through the provision of information, promotional activities and practical support.

O7: We will work with Surrey Police and other partners to improve cycle safety and encourage respect.

O8: We will promote and encourage cycling for health and leisure.

O9: We will encourage the provision of off road cycle trails and activities while managing the impacts on Surrey’s countryside.

O10: We will take action to minimise the impacts of high levels of sport cycling on some roads and communities in Surrey.

O11: We will lobby central government to ensure that regulations governing events on the highway are fit for purpose.

O12: We will support major cycle sport events which inspire participation and bring economic benefit, while minimising impact on affected communities.

O13: We will use an evidence and data led approach to inform future development of the strategy.

The Strategy can be read in full here.  It forms part of the Surrey Transport Plan and is the basis for the development of a series of Local Cycling Plans for each of the Surrey boroughs and districts, under the guidance of the Local Committees. It sets out clear plans and priorities, supported by appropriate governance structures to ensure a partnership approach. It has been the subject of extensive public consultation which has informed the strategy.